Diabetic Socks

As your trusted partner in foot care, our office provides the guidance and treatment required to help lower your risk of diabetic complications. To protect the ongoing health of your feet as well as your overall well-being, we often recommend wearing diabetic socks.

Diabetic socks are designed with the following protections in mind:

  • Keeping your feet dry
  • Decreasing your risk of injury
  • Providing comfort and supporting healthy circulation

How diabetic socks differ from regular socks

Diabetic socks are typically made of materials that effectively wick away moisture from the feet. This feature helps to prevent bacteria and fungal growth that can produce or worsen an infection. They are also designed to protect your feet from injury and minimize your risk of irritation. For these reasons, diabetic socks are fabricated from materials that are non-elastic, non-binding, seamless, and padded.

By wearing diabetic socks, you’ll be keeping your feet warm to support improved circulation. And, because these socks are non-elastic, you won’t have to worry about any constrictions that might limit blood circulation should your feet swell.

Skilled care to support ongoing foot health

Living with diabetes presents a challenge, and foot complications are a constant risk. A diabetic should always keep in mind that proper foot care is essential to overall health and well being. Being under the care of our podiatrist is the best step you can take to avoid pain and problems.