Westchester Foot Care Participates In The Diabetic Shoe Program


Westchester Foot Care Participates In The Diabetic Shoe Program

We all care about our footwear more than we’d like to admit. For most, it’s about a fashion style. For some, it’s a matter of medical safety. Diabetics who wear the wrong type of shoes can exacerbate their condition, giving themselves calluses, blisters, and medial ulcerations on their toes, among other concerning issues. Diabetes is already a disease that requires frequent hands on care, and having to monitor the condition of your feet as well is an unavoidable hassle.


Fortunately, Westchester Foot Care supports the Diabetic Shoe Program. With the proper shoe selection, we help diabetics avoid long lasting issues and remain comfortable in their footwear without losing out on looks!

How Do Diabetic Shoes Work?

There are a few traits a good diabetic shoe should have no matter what stage of the disease you have contracted. They should be able to relieve areas of excessive pressure to help reduce the occurrence of ulcers and skin breakdown. Reducing vertical shock as well as horizontal movement of the foot within the shoe is just as desirable a trait to have. Deformities or amputations should also be accommodated and stabilized to minimize pain and avoid any negative progression. On top of these key traits, diabetic shoes that decrease the movement of certain joints can decrease inflammation and relieve pain.

All of the above characteristics rolled into a pair of shoes result in more stable and functional feet.

Your Number One Stop For Diabetic Foot Care

stylish-diabetic-shoes-westchesterUnlike most foot clinics, we at Westchester Foot Care offer a myriad of diabetic shoes that as just as fashionable as they are functional. Our participation the Diabetic Shoe Program means we accept most prescriptions, and most insurance providers (including Medicare) recognize the program as preventative medicine.

Not only does our staff include a certified Pedorthist to interpret your prescription and help you order shoes right in the office, but we boast two incredibly talented Doctors as well:

Dr. Afsana Qadar was formerly a medical technologist before transitioning into a career as a podiatric physician, earning her Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. Afterwards she furthered her training with a three year podiatric medicine and surgical residency at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center. Dr. Qadar’s calm and experienced demeanor helps patients settle in as she attentively listens to their needs to create an individualized treatment plan.

Dr. Howard Blank studied surgery at North Lake Hospital of Illinois, and went on the become the surgeon for a big podiatry group in Buffalo, NY. After moving to Westchester, he founded the Westchester Foot Care Center. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Blank stays updated in the most advanced treatment and prevention techniques, and believes in educating his patients to not only relieve pain, but to correct foot problems whenever possible.

With three convenient locations in New Rochelle, Yonkers, and our brand new White Plains office, we believe that foot care should never be difficult to attain. You can even book your appointment online with us! Ask us today about our participation in the Diabetic Shoe Program, and you’ll never have to sacrifice style for substance again.

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